Rangoli Designs with dots



Here, you'll see top 10 beautiful rangoli designs. Using dots will help you to draw a perfect and beautiful rangoli design quickly with perfection and shape and design.
First you need to make the dots with a chalk on the floor and use them to guide you to draw the curlicues and patterns. Fill the lines with coloured powders or ground rice paste to get a good Rangoli. You can try endless shapes of your choice and any best design which your mind tells and which look good for your home. We are full of best imaginations and creativity in our minds.

Rangoli plays an important role in Indian culture, for decoration at the time of festivals, spiritual occasions etc. Some people prefer it daily as well in their homes. So we bring you some
Rangolis which are created by just connecting the dots. Some of these designs are easy and some are a little difficult to do, but can be done with a little patience and hard work nonetheless. So if this is your first time, do not fret we have some simple designs for you too. You also have a choice to keep the designs monochrome or use colours over it. So just enjoy making Rangolis and let the compliments flow your way.
Have you ever thought that during festival times especially Diwali , apart from involving in household chores, making sweets, bursting fire crackers and cleaning of the house, what can be done for putting more excitement in Diwali Celebration? Indians do rangolis for many occasions like festivals, marriages etc and it's an inseparable part of our culture. Rangoli plays a very crucial role in Indian tradition. Sometimes different shapes, colors define different rituals on Indian culture. It is also known as a good luck charm at different stages. Some people make it on special occasions or festivals. Rangolis are designed on this day in the entrance of every house to ask for the blessings of goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth.
All design Source : ( Source http://amazingpunch.com/?p=828)
Design 1
Rangoli designs with dots
Design 2:
Rangoli designs with dotsD
Design 3
Rangoli designs with dots
Design 4
Rangoli designs with dots
Design 5
Rangoli designs with dots online
Design 6
Readymade Rangoli online
Continuing our Rangoli Decoration series, now its the turn of using Flowers as a medium of making Rangolis. it is very common to bring flowers as a gift to temples for worshiping goddesses.
Therfore on the auspicious occasion of Diwali festival some people perform Lakshmi-Ganesh pooja to bring good luck charm by making Rangolis with flowers too. One can use flowers, flower petals, leaves as the medium.

Create your own piece of art, even if you are not an artist! The mythological importance of rangoli designs cannot be subjugated. It is believed that these designs welcome deities who bring luck, wealth and prosperity to a household.

What do you think of these rangoli designs and which one do you like the most? kindly comment below.