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Indian handicrafts

There was a time when people loved to decorate themselves and their homes with modern clothing and items. But today, the trend is toward buying hand-crafted items which are traditional handicrafts and ethnic wares.

The urge to return to our roots has boosted the handicraft industry. Today, one can buy from the net like wooden handicrafts online. This has boosted the traditional economy. Indian handicrafts are famous around the world. This has helped the economic sustenance of traditional craftspeople.

Types Of Handicrafts

·Bamboo handicrafts: Bamboo is a common flora in India. So bamboo arts and crafts are very popular. This eco-friendly genre of products includes dolls, baskets, furniture, toys, wall hangings, mats, jewelry boxes, umbrella handles, and many more. Bamboo crafts are located mostly in Tripura, West Bengal, and Assam.

·Cane handicrafts: Many utilitarian objects are found made of cane including furniture, baskets, and trays. Vellore cane products are very famous.

·Bell metal handicrafts: Bell metal is a hard version of bronze used to make bells. This hard alloy is also used to make bowls, vermillion boxes, candle stands, bowls, pendants, etc. This craft is popular in Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Manipur, and Assam.

·Horn and bone handicrafts: originally made by craftspeople in Odisha, these crafts are popular for creating lifelike figures of animals and birds. Ornaments, table lamps, napkin rings, chess sets, pen stands, etc., are made in Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, and Odisha.

·Brass handicrafts: brassware is popular for its beauty as well as durability. Brass items include statues of Lord Ganesha and Lord Shiva, tables, vases, perforated lamps, wine glasses, toys, fruit bowls, plates, etc. Some artisans are known as ‘ Kansas. The craft is mostly native to Rajasthan.

·Pottery and clay handicrafts: Originating in the Indus Valley civilization, pottery is one of the most ancient crafts in India. Potters are referred traditionally to as ‘ Kumhars”. Apart from the well-known terracotta form, pottery in India is also distinguished into black ware, grey ware, and red ware. Clay handicrafts are found in Lucknow, Bikaner, Pune, West Bengal, and Himachal Pradesh. Clay pots and decorative items are very popular.

·Dhokra handicrafts: These are some of the oldest handicrafts valued for their tribal motifs and traditional simplicity. This craft began in Madhya Pradesh. Other states which make such handicrafts are Odisha, Bihar, and West Bengal. This craft is well known for making tribal or folk characters. Dhokra pen stands, jewelry, candle stands, statues, and other decorative items are very popular items in craft stores.

Jute handicrafts: Jute handicrafts are a popular niche, liked worldwide. The vast types of jute handicrafts include footwear, office stationery, bags, wall hangings, jewelry, etc. Bihar, Assam, and West Bengal are leading producers of jute. Hence, they lead the Indian market for jute handicrafts.

·Wood handicrafts: These were present in India since ancient times. Craftsmen create various artifacts using pieces of wood. Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat, and Kashmir are famous for their wooden handicrafts. Items include utensils, toys, decorative items, candle stands, jewelry, jewelry boxes, etc. You can buy the latest wooden handicrafts online in India.

These are some of the major handicrafts of India. Some others are enamel handicrafts, lac handicrafts, glass handicrafts, embroidery and weaving crafts, rock handicrafts, silver filigree crafts, leather crafts, marble crafts, and many more.