Sell online India

All Our Services are free for 12 months from date of onboarding

We are a lean organization focused more on building website traffic for your products.  For all seller following services is provided by Craftfurnish 

  1. We provide an easy product listing  selling platform for handmade items 
  2. For listing items quickly please share the product catalog sheet with all product details along with images links to 
  3. To provide quick delivery services to customers, we recommend using Craftfurnish shipping. charges and details will be available for each shipment while processing the order, Our shipping Rates start from Rs. 40 - 60 per 500 grams (Depending upon the shipment type and weight of shipment ) 
  4. All sold products payments shall be collected by craftfurnish and credited to the seller's bank account  after the expiration of the return period (the Return period is 10 days from the date of delivery to the customer ) 
  5. No return charges, Any product damage is seller own responsibility

To avail of free benefits for 12 years please list your products ASAP. 

Post 12  months : Free listing + Marketing Commission @10 % of the selling price.